Your 2017 Marketing Checklist

Your 2017 Marketing Checklist

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 Marketing Checklist

Do you have limited time and resources when it comes to your marketing?  Our guess is ‘Yes’. That is why we made this list of quick marketing tips & fixes that will go a long way fast for you in 2017.


Your 2017 Marketing TO DO MUST DO List:


Any marketer will tell you that your website needs to be mobile friendly, this is nothing new. We all know that Google gives favor to mobile websites on mobile devices, however, what is new is that Google now gives preference to mobile websites on ALL devices! This is a new shift in the game.  Aside from Google, don’t put your customers through the absolute agony of viewing your website improperly on their phones. The bottom line is that if your website is NOT mobile friendly, this is where you start in 2017.



Have a website?  Have Facebook for your business? Great! Now set up your Facebook Ads Manager Account and create a Pixel to insert on your website.  A Facebook Pixel allows you to track who is coming to your website and retarget these website viewers on Facebook, Instagram, and the Ads Network via paid ads and promotions. If you are not familiar with Facebook advertising, you may want to leave this one to the experts, but at least consider looking into it for 2017 and know it is a very powerful tool for your 2017 marketing.



Collect emails this year if you have not already started. All too often, the common thought process regarding emails is something like this:  “I am not going to launch a dedicated email marketing  campaign, so I don’t really need to keep track of emails and add to my database.”

If this is you, break this habit now.  Even if you have not launched a dedicated email program, collect emails from all your current customers, past customers, prospects and contacts. It is SO important to have a database of emails. Perhaps your business does not need a regular email blast, but there are so many other things you can do with emails such as:

    • Target Facebook Users (via Email)
    • Grow Your Facebook Followers
    • Send out Surveys
    • Promote a Customer Referral Program
    • Start a Customer Loyalty or Rewards Program, or even send a Birthday email
    • Increase your Online Reviews



Wow! Look what is next on our list: Growing your online reviews this year. In 2017, Google switched back to pulling online reviews from other sites. This means when customers Google search your business, they now are given reviews from Yelp and Facebook in addition to Google. Google now also weighs businesses with more online reviews as more relevant (read: reviews are becoming an important part of SEO).  On top of all this, online viewers are paying more attention to online reviews. In 2017, increasing your online reviews should be a huge focus.



Throw an event, send specials and promotions to your top customers, send a simple thank you card, start a reward program or host a contest for past customers to enter. You need to show your customers they are appreciated. We are taught personally to always say “Thank You”,  this should apply for businesses as well. Showing customer appreciation goes a long way, here is an interesting stat from a LinkedIn Blog: “Most sources say… it costs between 4 and 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.”

Making current or past customers feel appreciated and rewarded will lead to:

  • A better overall experience with your brand
  • Loyal customer that keep coming back
  • Increased referrals from your past and current customer base


This sums up our 2017 checklist of ‘Marketing Must Do’s’. We tried to narrow it down to the top areas to focus on. We understand it could still seem slightly overwhelming to get these accomplished before we are ringing in 2018. If that is the case, think of Custom Marketing Solutions as your ‘Marketing Department for Hire’ and contact us today.

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