Tips For Creating Engaging Facebook Live Videos

Tips For Creating Engaging Facebook Live Videos

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Facebook Live

If you are on Facebook, you have probably seen at least one Facebook Live video by this point.

Facebook launched this option for streaming live video last year for both individuals and business pages. For businesses, Facebook Live is a great tool for connecting and facilitating engagement with your audience. The concept is simple: you record a live video your audience can watch in real time and respond to by commenting.


I can tell you that when I first started using Facebook Live for  my business Fragrant Elegance Soy Candle Company, I made some mistakes. However, that’s part of the learning process!  You can learn from what I did wrong and use these 6 tips to create professional Facebook Live videos:


1) Lighting: Lighting affects overall video quality and is important for producing a good video. Filming outdoors shouldn’t be an issue as long as it’s sunny, however, if you’re filming indoors you’ll want to try out different lighting options. Generally the more lighting, the better.

(Here is an example of two Facebook Live videos I did for my business. One screenshot shows a video done in poor lighting, in the other screenshot I corrected my mistake.)

FB Live poor lighting        

   FB Live Good lighting


2) Solid Connection: While you obviously want a solid connection with your audience, you definitely don’t want a weak connection when recording a video. Always make sure to take into account your wifi or wireless carrier network connection. Weak connections can cause delays and grainy video that may have your audience walking away. Having a solid connection shouldn’t be a problem if you are indoors using wifi, but it can be difficult if you are in a remote area or outdoors. Do the best you can to choose a spot that has a strong broadband connection, and if you have anything less than 4G, you’re probably better off choosing a different location. If you see a grayed out “Go Live” button, you have a weak signal.


3) Equipment: Quality videos show your audience that you are a professional, that’s why I suggest some basic equipment to enhance your quality. You don’t need anything fancy, but a simple tripod or selfie stick can help stabilize your videos so they don’t look shaky. A clip on microphone will make you sound crisp and clear, as well as block out surrounding noise while you are speaking. You can easily find these items online, and they won’t break the bank.


4) Background: Be aware of your background when sharing on Facebook Live. If you are streaming Live from an event, this may be out of your control. Focus on what is within your control and watch out for clutter and distractions in the background that could take the attention off of you. Some distractions I notice when watching Facebook Live videos are close ups of bookcases (because I catch myself turning my head to read the titles) and messy offices. If they aren’t part of your Facebook Live discussion, considering cleaning up your area or choose another location.


5) Props: Props are a great way to help keep your audience’s’ attention and break the monotony during a Live video. Don’t be afraid to use dry erase boards to list tips you are sharing, show your audience how to use products, or show off some of the great work you have done.


6) Length:  The longer the broadcast, the more people that can join in the stream, and spread it on to their friends. Facebook themselves recommend that the videos go live for at least 5 minutes, and broadcast for longer periods of time to reach more people. The longer you broadcast, the more likely people are to discover and invite their friends on Facebook to watch the video.



Just like anything, mastering Facebook Live takes practice. Considering that people comment over 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos, it is well worth it to learn how to make them engaging and professional. If you aren’t using Facebook Live for your business yet, check out my blog post for 6 ways you can start today.


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