Social Media Advertising vs. Traditional Marketing

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Narrowing down your marketing options as a local business can be overwhelming. It can feel like new digital marketing options pop up daily, making social media marketing feel like an endless “to do” list. And don’t forget about all the traditional marketing and advertising platforms such as print ads, direct mail, and radio!

So, what elements DO you select as part of your marketing strategy, especially if you have a limited budget?

Unfortunately, I can’t give that answer in one general blog post. There is no ‘one size fits all’ marketing strategy, but we can suggest incorporating social media paid ad campaigns as part of your media mix.  

Before I get started as to why social media ads are a great option, let me state that I believe a healthy marketing strategy includes different platforms and a mix of options. There are very effective ways to use traditional mediums, but there are also some very clear advantages of using social media ads, especially on Facebook and Instagram.


1) Targeting- Audience and Ad Copy

The ability to reach the right audience with a more specific and personalized experience is THE most powerful element of social media advertising!  Social media channels like Facebook know so much about users, this information can be used to target them and create a better advertising experience.

Businesses can use targeting to their advantage by setting up ad copy that speaks to different specific audiences. If we look at traditional media, we lose this advantage. For instance, we cannot direct a one print ad in a newspaper to reach young parents, and have another ad reach men interested in sporting events. With social media you can do this! Targeting can be basic demographic qualifiers such as age or gender, and very specific interests, such as vegans or fantasy football fans.


Interest targeting


2) Geographical Targeting

While there are many hyper local print publications and other traditional options that allow you to reach specific areas, it isn’t as accurate or detailed as location targeting on Facebook and Instagram . You can reach several different zip codes across the country or narrow it down to a very specific radius of your business location. There may be a need to target specific zip codes, but most of the time local businesses reaching a radius from their business is sufficient. An advertising campaign can reach an audience that lives as close as a 2 mile radius from your business. With TV and Radio ads, along with many large print publications you lose this ability and there is often wasted ad spend.


location targeting


3) Flexible Budgets and Spending

Facebook is very flexible in ad budget and campaign timing. Facebook and Instagram allow you to spend as little as a few dollars a day. We don’t recommend spending that little, even spending $20 or even $50 here and there is not going to get you serious results. However, it is a convenient way to test ad copy or different campaigns and then scale into a more serious and long term campaign.  Ultimately when you with social media a business can reach a large audience for the fraction of the cost as compared to traditional channels such as radio or television. There is also the flexibility of social media advertising. If you need to pause your ads for a period or make change and adjust campaigns, you can easily do so within minutes.


Compared to traditional marketing advertising options, social media allows you the option to spend very little and grow. With social media, you can immediately adjust targeting and ad spend or even turn a campaign off. These at your fingers options are just a few reasons why social media is a must have for marketing! Still not sure what social media and traditional marketing options are best for your business? Schedule a FREE consultation with me on our calendar HERE!

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