Should You be Using Paid Social Media Campaigns for your Business?

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Should You be Using Paid Social Media Campaigns for your Business?

Here is the short answer: Yes.

With 2.2 billion Facebook users and 1 in every 8 minutes on mobile spent on Facebook, it IS a social media platform that will help businesses reach their audiences. However, organic reach has diminished significantly for business pages on Facebook. This means that each page post is reaching less and less followers.

Facebook, and many other social media channels, are becoming a ‘pay to play’ channel for businesses. While this may seem unfair, it is not necessarily a bad thing. As a social media agency, we won’t take on clients without a dedicated paid budget for their social media advertising.

Why? Because not using paid social media ads would be a huge disadvantage to our clients.


Using a Paid Budget has Huge Advantages

Implementing paid ads on social media allows your business to reach a larger audience way beyond your current following. In addition to a new and expanded reach, you can target your ads to exactly who you want to reach; from age and gender to behaviors and interests. You can use social media to post to an entire broad audience and hope that the right people see it and interact, or you can use paid ads to add strategy to your social media marketing. Using paid ads to craft specific messages and ad copy will appeal to and reach the right audience segments.  So by using paid ads, businesses can reach who they want with the right message.  This is a huge opportunity!


How much should you spend?

Budgeting for Facebook ads varies on what exactly you want to accomplish. For example, a quick promotion such as a local campaign to spread awareness can get away with a smaller budget. Think of these campaigns as print advertisement with audience targeting. However, if you are expecting to generate leads for your business or acquire new customers and clients and track results, a larger advertising budget is needed.  Your cost per lead or client acquisition cost offline or for other marketing strategies needs to be taken into consideration.  When Facebook ad campaigns are set up properly, you can see the cost per lead or cost per new client


What type of results can you expect?

There are no guarantees when it comes to any type of marketing, but social media marketing via paid campaigns can be a very powerful strategy when done right.  Social media can generate new business with transparent results. As an agency, we focus on return on investment for clients. We help them set up campaigns that align with their overall marketing goals and growth plans to acquire new customers and patients at their target price.  The results and tracking are transparent, so with a laser focus on ROI, clients can expect social media to be a huge source of trackable, new business for them. 


Our Conclusion: Paid Social Ads are a Huge Opportunity

We have found paid advertising for our clients to be so successful that it is not a question of ‘Why use paid ads’ but rather ‘Why not use paid social media ads?’ The advantages of strategic paid ads far outweigh the costs of broad organic postings. If you are tired of posts that aren’t reaching the right audience, contact us today and let us up your social media game!


Need help or want more info on how your business can benefit from paid social media campaigns? Contact me today here.

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