Tips to Help You Ace Your Marketing Event

Tips to Help You Ace Your Marketing Event

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These simple tips for event marketing can easily be put in to action and help you see results. Make the most of your time and your marketing efforts at your next event!

1) Do Your Homework & Make a Plan

Events can be very expensive. Beyond just the registration fee to have an exhibit or booth, there are employee time costs, supplies, set up and travel expenses.  Do your research and investigative work when picking events for your company to attend. If possible, scope out shows as an attendee first. Find a connection to last year’s exhibitors, contact them to ask about their experience at the event. Question the traffic and attendance rates of years prior and the percentage of exhibitors that renew year after year.

Having a well thought out, detailed, organized and metric orientated plan is necessary. What is the goal of being at the trade show or expo?  Do you want to make new connections, collect emails, or secure appointments and meetings?  Always tie in a metric to keep you on track. For instance, “Each day at the event, our goal is to collect 75 emails which will be used for our social media remarketing campaign.”


2) Go for your Customers, Not for You

Of course your company has an agenda and goal for attending events, but it can’t be all about you. To really get the most out of the event, create an experience that puts your customer first.

Give them a reason to come to you and you won’t have to chase people down to come to your table or exhibit.  Provide a resource or some type of benefit to those who stop by your booth. It can be as simple as providing guests with a cup of coffee you brewed there on the spot at your booth, (and of course placed in a branded to-go mug). Or for example, we have had clients in the solar industry provide solar charging stations for attendees’ phones. Because, how are you going to live tweet the event you are at without a properly charged phone? While the coffee brews or attendees charge phones, you have the chance to chat with your prospect.

Being face to face with your customers at events also provides the perfect opportunity for Experiential Marketing. Think of Experiential Marketing as taking event marketing one step further by providing a unique and interactive experience with your brand. We love these 7 ‘Over the Top’ examples that bigger brands have put together. While your event marketing budget may be a little more limited, hopefully these scenarios spark your creative juices. This is your opportunity to come face to face with several ideal prospects in one day, so it wouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile.


3) Make an Effort to Remember Your Connections

At a trade show, you talk to so many people in a short span of time.  It is very easy to forget particular conversations you had throughout the day.  If you write down certain key things that stood out to you about a person it will help you to remember that conversation you had. If you were able to collect a business card, try making a quick note on the card immediately after your conversation. Other things to  make note of, could include any services you may have discussed or questions or concerns that person had. This way you can address it specifically when you follow up and make it a more personal connection.


After you have gone and aced your marketing event, don’t forget to follow up! Check out my blog post ” 3 Tips For Success After Your Marketing Event”. Do you need help prepping for your next event? Contact me for your FREE 30 minute consultation.



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