Leverage Your Paid Ads to Gain Facebook Fans

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Leverage Paid Ads

In the last year Facebook made a small change with paid Facebook advertisements that could have a huge impact on increasing your Facebook fan count.


There is a simple and underused feature on Facebook Pages that many businesses are missing out on. There is now a way to invite people who like your post or ad to like your Page.

Here is how you do it:


1) To access this feature, you need to be logged into Facebook Desktop OR be using your Facebook Page Manager App.


2) Simply click on the number of likes under any post on your Page or ad you ran.

Facebook Likes

3) You’ll automatically get a list of every user who has liked the post or ad. On the right of each user’s name, you will see a button that shows if the user has already liked your page.

Facebook Likes



4) If a user has not done so yet, you will see a button that says ‘invite’. You can invite him/her with just one click of a button!

Facebook Likes



This is a great way to gain organic Page Likes. It also provides another reason why you should be posting valuable content that your fans will Like, Comment on and Share.


Ideally, Page Like Invites should be sent to “engagers” within 24 hours of their engagement on your posts and ads for optimal conversion rate.


Getting people to engage with your Facebook content can be hard, and sometimes it’s even harder getting them to like your page. Now you can invite people who like your Facebook posts to also like your Page. The best part about these potential new likes is that they will come from people who are already actively engaging with you. Go ahead and reap added benefits of your hard work, by easily inviting these people.



We use this feature for all of our clients’ Facebook Pages and campaigns. Do you need help creating valuable content and gaining engaging fans? Contact us today.

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