Last Minute Social Media Holiday Campaigns!

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‘Tis the season of busy!

During this time of year, you may find yourself busy with both year-end business planning and preparing for the following year.  Not to mention your personal schedule can quickly go from wide open to 57 Ugly Sweater Parties invites. It’s no surprise that when December hits, most people are a little pinched on time.

With all the stress, you may be thinking about skimping on the marketing for your business in December. Before mild panic sets in and you have to worry about 13 different gifts ideas under $20 for 13 different grab bags, give yourself less than an hour and set up an awesome social media holiday marketing campaign for your business!

These quick and simple social media ideas will help you connect with your customers during this busy season and maintain a great social media presence during the holidays:


Create a Local Gift Giving Guide  

Name a handful of local businesses that you love to shop at and give them a shout out on your social media!

Think of local businesses and vendors in your community and why they are the perfect spot to shop during the holidays. It can be anything from a sporting goods store, shoe store, local yoga studio or restaurants. Tag them on your social media profiles and feature some information about them. Giving them a shout out will give your social media presence some extra exposure and help support #SmallBusiness and the #ShopLocal efforts in your town. This also provides value to your followers and audience by giving them helpful shopping ideas!


Elf on the Shelf – at Work Style  

Feature an Elf on the Shelf at your place of business on social media. The idea is to give a behind the scenes look to your social media audience, featuring your office space, your team, etc as your Elf is caught daily getting into different situations at your place of work. Get creative so that viewers share your posts and keep watching for the next Elf scenario on your pages.


Holiday Contest

Launch a contest on your social media channels. As a prize, give away a gift card to your business or pair up with another local business and give a gift card to that local business. Pick one lucky winner for the gift and keep the contest simple and holiday related. For example, “Name your favorite holiday tradition and LIKE our page to be entered to win.”  Or “Share a picture of your Holiday Decorations on our page”  and have viewers vote the winner. The extra engagement on your social media profiles is a great way for extra brand exposure. If you position the contest right, you can increase your page likes, inquires and sales for your business.


Give Back

Set up a poll on social media asking your audience what local charity you should donate to. Run a seasonal promotion or time period where a portion of proceeds is donated back to that local charity. For instance “For every $50 gift card purchased to our restaurant in December, we will donate $5 to the Food Bank.” Any type of business can participate, even service orientated and medical businesses. Get creative and think outside the box.  Post and share about the promotion on social media and tag the local charity involved.


Send out Holiday Cards

This is THE most traditional way to connect with your customers during the holidays, and a very valued holiday effort! Everyone likes personal mail when it isn’t bills. This Holiday campaign may not be ON social media, but in your cards remind your customers to like you on your social media channel so you can stay connected all year long.


While the holidays can be a busy time, they can also be a great time to build connections with your customers. Holiday campaigns don’t have to be expensive or time consuming to be valuable. Customers want to relate to businesses, and the ideas provided will help add a personal touch to your marketing. Still need help with holiday marketing ideas? Schedule a FREE consultation with me on our calendar HERE!


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