Facebooks Ads Not Working? These 3 Reasons May Be To Blame!

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I was invited to guest speak this past week to business owners enrolled in an accelerator business planning course called “10,000 Small Businesses”. I was on a digital marketing panel, with my focus being on Social Media Marketing -surprise! The program, funded by Goldman Sach’s,  is equally intense and awesome.

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I walked into a full room! I  had no idea the audience was this large before arriving. It was equally intimidating and exciting. After the initial 60 seconds of introducing myself (why is telling everyone your name the hardest part?!) the conversation about social media marketing followed easily.

There were plenty  of great questions, but one overall recurring theme was, “How can I make social media ads and Facebook work for me?”

At one point, I asked if they had tried paid ads for Facebook and Instagram. About half the room raised their hands, however it was clear that the majority was struggling to see results from their efforts.


There were tons of great questions, but the overall recurring theme was “How can I make social media and Facebook work for me?” 



You too may be at this point in your own paid social media marketing journey, caught between giving up and complete despair. If you are not seeing the results you want, don’t lose hope! There are some simple things you can change and common mistakes you can avoid. Here are the MOST common mistakes we have seen made, changing these simple things could make a big difference.

Common Mistake #1: Boosting Your Posts & Not Using a Sufficient Budget

Boosting – just don’t do it. Boosting is the gateway to spending money on Facebook ads, but it is also a money pit. Instead of boosting, set up your ads in Business Manager or Facebook Ads Manager. You will have the option to select an objective, use more detailed targeting, split test, set up long term campaigns, see better analytics and reporting, and create custom audiences. This is just the tip of the iceberg! The boost button is there because its enticing and easy to use, bypass it and go right to Ads Manager.
When it come to budget, the boost button has also permitted businesses to think that they can spend $20, $50 or even $100 on Facebook ads and see real results. Ladies and gentleman, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Sure you will ‘reach’ more people by boosting your post with $20, but if you really want sales, leads, and new business, it is going to take a long term, calculated and serious budget. So please, for the love of marketing, refrain from using that boost button!!!



Common Mistake #2: Your Ad Copy and Message
Would you walk into a networking event or up to a person on the street and say ‘Hi, I am ABC Dental Company. When do you want to become my patient?’ No, you wouldn’t, or at least I hope you wouldn’t….

All too often we turn to Facebook and Instagram and promote a post that asks viewers to ‘Book Now’, ‘ Buy Now’, ‘Call Now’ without the viewer having previous knowledge of your company or brand. You must give your marketing time and form a strategy with your ads that lets consumers build trust with your brand. Be helpful and relevant, lead them through the process and offer great incentives or promotions to get them in the door!


Common Mistake #3: Get Back to Basics and Get Personal
If you didn’t do your homework, you’re most likely not going to pass the course. The basic marketing concept needed to make Facebook Ads more effective is identifying your personas, your customer buckets, your avatars… whatever you call them. You need to do your homework and this actually applies to all your marketing. Know your audience and have them segmented and identified. Start by defining your customer base by age, demographic, location, behaviors, interests and more. Then, really get to know them. Who are they and what pain points do they have? What do they value or care about? What makes them want to do business with a brand?
Make it personal. 

Give each persona a name and identity. So for instance “Mary” is a mom of 2 pre-teen children. She is busy with a full time job and her children’s activities. She cares about things like healthy meals for the family and how to stay organized. She values easy online shopping and online reservations or appointment making. The convenience of doing things with ease on her mobile device make her life easier.

 When you know your audiences problems you can position your business to solve them. So you would market and advertise to Mary with offers, value points, and solutions that appeal specifically to her needs.



Facebook ads work, yet many businesses have a hard time obtaining results. If you start to work on these 3 common mistakes I shared, you’re on the right path.

If you are still not sure how to make Facebook Ads work, let us do a free account audit and consultation with you!

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