Engage, Connect, and Converse with Customers Using Social Media Marketing

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As a social media agency, we advocate using paid campaigns, posting regularly and monitoring your business social profiles. If you can do these 3 activities regularly, you will pave the way to having conversations and connecting with your customers. With over 2.2 billion users on Facebook alone, consumers are turning to social media more and more to discover new businesses and have their questions answered.

It’s important to remember that fostering meaningful conversations and connections does take time, effort, diligence, and some thought. We’ve listed out three standard practices we adhere to as an agency when managing social media channels for clients. Putting these tactics into place for your business are key to making the most of your social media and ‘starting the conversation’.


1) Be Prompt with Responding
Consumers are turning to tools like Facebook Messenger more and more to get answers to questions about your business. It could be that they were not able to find that information on your website or they have a specific or unique concern. Without setting up an automated chat bot or answering system, it is difficult to respond to all inquiries instantly, however, we recommend answering within 24 hours at the most. Using mobile social media apps to monitor your page will allow you to get alerts on your phone when a new or prospective customer messages your business. Maintaining responses on social media is part of customer service.


2) Don’t Ignore Comments – That’s Just Rude!
If you are posting regularly (or even better yet, using paid ads to reach your customers) make sure to check the comments on the posts daily. While it is an advertisement, don’t forget that social media as a marketing tool provides you with the unique opportunity to start a real conversation with your current customers and prospects. If questions are posted, they need to be answered. Take it a step further, if consumers are posting general comments or tagging friends, be sure to chime in and enter the conversation as the business. For instance, if a user comments on your post that they love your business, a simple ‘Thank You’ reply on the comment can go a long way! At the very least, make an effort to ‘like’ all positive and general comments on your posts and ads to make users feel acknowledged.


3) Speak Human
This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is okay to show users that you are a person, not just a business. Even though it is your business page, social media is meant to be conversational. Customers don’t expect to be answered by a robot! Introduce yourself and your role with the business, address the customer by name and keep the tone similar to a discussion you would have with a customer in person. Humor and goodwill are general tones that will spark conversation. Always remain professional and stay away from controversial topics. When you write and respond with a conversational tone, engagement rates will increase!


Let the Conversations Begin!
Social Media channels are marketing tools but they can help you create meaningful connections and relationships with customers and help you increase customer service. Think beyond the standard posts and ‘advertisement like’ announcements. Remember that social media is not a ‘set it and forget’ marketing tool. Consumers are on social media 24/7, meaning that monitoring your ads, posts and pages needs to be done daily.

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