Can Facebook Ads Generate Leads and Revenue?

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Can Facebook Ads generate leads and revenue? The resounding answer is: YES! (And we have the case studies to prove it.)

Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way to reach a targeted consumer base. You can customize your ad copy for each target audience and their specific needs– and that is very powerful. Targeting options and the ability to have several ads running at once with a more flexible ad budget gives digital and social media the advantage over traditional media.

Imagine you could tell a newspaper or magazine that you wanted to run 5 different ads, each one reaching a different audience, but for the price of one print campaign? Or what if you had the option to ‘test’ several different direct mail campaign ads, and then cancel the ones that performed with the lowest results within minutes, with no commitment to printed pieces? Social media and digital allow local businesses these flexible options!

There are major advantages and there are many campaigns that yield great results in quantifiable new business and revenue. Unfortunately, time and time again, businesses fail at Facebook advertising campaigns. After working with hundreds of local businesses over the past decade, here are 4 common trends that we see when ‘Facebook advertising goes wrong’ and campaigns fail to generate results.


1) Generic Ad Copy
This one is pretty simple, but often forgotten. Boring ad copy or ads that do not hit pain points for your target audience will get little to no response. Think about what differentiates your business from others, what is most important to your prospective customer and find creative ways to build that into your ad copy. Specific ads layered with targeting the right audiences help personalize the experience for the consumer.


2) Incorrect Advertising Budget
Facebook is a free social media tool, but to really see results money needs to be spent. Too little will not get you any results and too much is not sustainable. You can use an ad spend calculator or work with a professional agency to calculate an appropriate budget. If you expect serious results it is and should be looked at as a serious marketing investment.


3) Boosting Posts and not Utilizing Facebook and Social Media Tools Properly
Have you ever been scrolling through your social media feed and an ad just seems to appear that is curiously accurate to something you were looking for? It could be a product, an article, or a service, but it seems very coincidental that this ad is appearing to you at this very moment. This may not be the case with every ad you see in your feed, but it is not coincidence, it is what is known as “the algorithm.” Campaigns and ads that are set up correctly, and not boosted on business pages, are playing into the Facebook algorithm and use data to reach the right people at the right time. While we could write a few chapters on the Facebook algorithm, the most important thing to know is that ad campaigns set up correctly are done through Facebook Ads Manager. The ‘Boost’ button on your business page (which appears below posts) should not be used in most cases.


4) Not Tracking Results Properly
Digital campaigns can very easily be tracked. Facebook campaigns set up properly can give you a clear picture on how an ad is performing, right down to how many new leads, inquires, and phone calls were generated. However, this requires setting up the ads and tracking properly from the start. For example, specific offers should lead to correlating landing pages and a call tracking number should be on ad copy and landing pages. Facebook Pixel codes should be installed on websites and forms to see how many new inquiries are accumulating from each campaign. There also is importance in tracking beyond the dollar. So in addition to just new leads and patients take into consideration marketing goals such a brand awareness and engagement. Set benchmarks from the start of a campaign to track progress and metrics. For instance, are your page followers increasing and are the new followers a quality audience? Are you noticing more frequent and steady conversations and engagements on your posts and pages? More messages and inquiries to your page? Do you see more traffic coming into your website from social media than previously?


There are many components that go into a successful social media or Facebook ads campaign. These are some very common errors and by no means is an all inclusive list.  Often local businesses write off Facebook and social advertising as a ‘waste of time’ because they do not generate results. In reality, there is so much potential, but without effort and strategy to set campaigns up correctly the opportunities have gone untapped and overlooked.


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