Does Your Business Suffer from the Back to School Blues?

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6 Ways to Marketing (1)Does your Business Suffer from the Back to School Blues?

6 Ways You can Incorporate Back to School Promotions into Your Marketing

Does the Back to School season leave you feeling like your business is forgotten as shoppers flood the malls and big box stores to prep for the classroom?  Fret not, there’s no need to study to ace your marketing and draw in new customers during this transitional season! Here are 6 ways almost any local business can increase sales during the annual Back to School chaos – even if you aren’t selling sneakers and backpacks.

1) Promotional Items & School Products

From water bottles, rulers, pencil and eraser kits to mini phone charging blocks- there are tons of promotional items for businesses to use for branding. During the Back to School season, find items that students would use and give promotional products away to your customers. For larger purchases and high dollar items, businesses may even be able to give items like backpacks.

2) Charity Involvement

There are many students who will go back to school without the clothing, supplies, snacks and food they need for the school day.

Have your business run a promotion that includes giving back to the community. This type of promotion could work several ways, and you can adjust the promotion as needed. Here are a couple examples:

  • Have your store or location become a drop off center for Back to School supply donations. Pledge to match all donations made at your store. For instance, if you have 20 backpacks donated, have your business match the donation by donating 20 more.
  • Donate a percentage of sales for each purchase made at your business during a promotional Back to School period. It could be a weekend event or certain time period, whichever you choose you can pledge proceeds to a school or charity that helps children.

3) Gift Card Giveaways

For a business with higher dollar sales and services, giving mall shopping gift cards to clients during the Back to School season may persuade them to shop with you over a competitor, or even make their purchase now rather than holding off until Fall. An appliance store may reward customers who shop during the Back to School season and spend a certain minimum amount with them. Market to your consumers that if they choose to shop your business during the busy Back to School season, you will help them with their Back to School shopping!

4) Teacher Discounts

Teachers are awesome and many businesses already offer discounts for teachers year round, but this is a great time to promote the heck out of it! As teachers return to a busy school year, remind them your business wants to send a little extra TLC their way. Target them on social media, connect with schools and see if you can distribute flyers through school administration or even send ‘Thank You Snacks’ to the teachers’ lounge with information about the discounts your company offers for teachers.

5) Discounts for Students

From sporting centers, to restaurants, to health food stores, advertise and promote discounts for students at your store or for using your services during the Back to School months! Take into account if your services or products appeal to a certain age group of students and who will be doing the actual spending – meaning the parents or will it be older students who have their own money to spend. If you are located near a college, look into ways to reach the student body and see if there is university spending programs that you can elect to have students use at your store for payment.  If you are marketing to parents, come up with a promotion that will appeal to them for their children, such as a salon promoting Back to School haircuts with special pricing for two cuts or discount days.

6) Contests and Raffles

Have a grand prize that really catches shoppers’ attention? How about offering a Back to School shopping spree, a dorm room makeover, a new laptop or other electronic device prizes that would appeal to students!  Customers who choose to shop your business or use your services during Back to School months and spend a certain amount receive an entry into the contest.

Don’t Forget….

So now you have an idea for your Back to School campaign, but  you need to let people know. Your promotion won’t work unless consumers are aware, so this is an important part of your strategy. We advocate using paid social media ads that let you target certain audiences and reach your current customers. Other marketing tools should include creating content that can be sent out in emails and posted on your website and blog. Also,  promote your Back to School campaign with in-store signage or traditional media options. You may event want to consider using a local influencer. If you are unsure on how to go about promoting, you can always enlist the help of a local marketing company.

Your industry can be completely unrelated to Back to School needs but you can still position your business to be involved!  There is no reason to let your business become overshadowed by the Back to School frenzy! Need help with Back to School season? Contact me today here!




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