9 Types of Social Media Posts to Fill Your Calendar

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Social media is a great venue for showcasing your business and giving you an opportunity to speak to your audience. However, businesses and social media managers often feel like they are running out of ideas or are left wondering what to post at all. The best way around this situation is to plan your posting out in advance for a month at a time or at least a couple weeks. If you plan ahead, you can avoid an inactive social media profile and scrambling to post something at the last minute.


While coming up with a plan and schedule may seem daunting, posting ideas don’t have to be complicated! Here are 9 starter ideas to put on your social media calendar and reuse each month. This list is not inclusive of all the ways you can post and use social media, but hopefully it will get your creative juices flowing!

1) Testimonials
Showcase customer reviews in your social feeds. Copy the text into a visual format and schedule out these as posts so that your reviews are not just sitting in the review section or on review sites. Let them reach new eyes via social media!


2) Resources & Links
Post helpful and informational articles for your audience. It could be directly related to your niche industry, but also think beyond. For instance, if your focus audience is parents, find links and info that would be helpful to them, such as an article on healthy school lunch options or local family activities!


3) Contests
Everyone loves a contest! There are many ways to carry out a contest, but it is a great way to increase engagement and have some fun. You can do anything from a ‘caption this’ contest to ‘post a picture of your pup’. Just make sure the contest is in good taste, has a goal, and follows social media guidelines.


4) Feature Other Local Businesses
Let your followers know about other businesses you support and work with. It could be as simple as a shout out to your office’s favorite takeout lunch spot or a neighboring office!


5) Video, Facebook Lives, and More Videos
If video is not part of your social media strategy right now, it is time to switch it up! By 2019, 80% of online traffic will be driven by video*. Video comes in many formats and the video you use in your marketing should vary in format and purpose. Facebook Live videos are okay to do on a smart phone and with less equipment. If you are trying to produce a more polished video such as a walk though of the office or doing client testimonial videos, you may want to consult with a professional videographer or social media agency. (*Source 17 Stats And Facts Every Marketer Should Know About Video Marketing)


6) Q&A Sessions
This can be a Question and Answer session on anything you want! Feature staff or patients and ask a question focused on a particular theme. For example, interview a professional team member on how to get kids to floss regularly. Or do something funny and entertaining, such as asking staff about their hobbies or favorite animals and why.


7) Events
Events get a lot of attention in the Facebook Algorithm. Make sure to feature events such as specials and promotions, but also other happenings – such as fundraisers, customer appreciation events or a business anniversary.


8) Community & Cause Related
If your office participates in any charity events, fundraisers, or partners with other community related causes, don’t forget to feature it in your posts. Think outside the box at times, and instead of just the typical ‘we’re collecting donations’ announcement, add in real content and context. Showcase pictures of your team volunteering, interview staff members on what this cause means to them or support a local charity and tag them in posts.


9) Behind the Scenes & Staff Pictures
Similar to doing Q&A with staff and doctors, think about doing dedicated behind the scenes posts that feature candid pictures of staff working or pictures of the entire team. Also, feature individual staff members with a short bio or personal quote. It is a great way to give prospective patients an inside look at your office and make them feel comfortable!


Each of these 9 ideas for posting can create multiple posts which can be planned out on the calendar. If you are doing a staff Q&A theme, make it into a series where you post one a week. If you are partnering with a local charity for the season, set up multiple posts throughout the donation and fundraising period. As you post on social media, pay attention to the type of posts that get the most interaction and engagement, then use this as a guide for new and future ideas. You can track in real time what is working and what type of content your audience and followers like the most.

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