6 Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook Live

6 Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook Live

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Facebook Live

If you are on Facebook, you have most likely seen at least one Facebook Live video. This new feature launched in 2016.



Facebook Live

Example of a Recent Facebook Live Session I Hosted for Fragrant Elegance.

With over 1 billion users every day worldwide, Facebook remains the world’s most influential social media site. Combine social video with the world’s most powerful social network, and you are bound to draw views, engagement, and shares!

 As co-owner of my candle company, Fragrant Elegance Soy Candle Company,  I often use Facebook Live. I have found it to be a great tool that increases engagement, helps me connect with my core customer base and increases sales.


 So How can you use Facebook Live to grow your business?

 Here 6 ways you can start using this new social media marketing tactic:



1) Instant Q&A

Host live Q&A sessions with your audience, giving them the chance to learn more about you and get the answers they need. It’s a great way to connect with your audience (seriously, who doesn’t LOVE hearing their name and feeling acknowledged) as well as get instant feedback and insights into your audiences’ wants and needs. You can even have fun and ask your viewers some questions. My husband and I are both health conscious, so I personally love following Dr. Axe on social media and watching his Facebook Live videos for this reason.


2) Host a Talk Show

Grow your network by using Facebook Live in a talk show format. Bring on guest speakers to share their expertise with your followers, pick a new topic each week and let your fans know ahead of time who will be speaking. To gain a loyal following, try to stay consistent and stream on the same day/time each week.


3) Give an Exclusive “Behind the Scenes”  

Make your audience feel like VIPs by giving them access to a side of your business few have seen. Need some ideas?

  • Introduce your employees
  • Show how products are made
  • Take them on a trip to see a business partner or client
  • Provide a demo, or  a ‘How To’ video

Make your viewers feel like they are getting a real “behind the scenes” glimpse!  Share whatever you feel comfortable sharing, and whatever you don’t mind a competitor viewing.


4) Discuss Industry Trending Topics

Breaking industry news or changes gives you the perfect opportunity to take to Facebook Live. If there is a hot trending topic, voice your expertise and opinion on that topic. Demonstrating your knowledge via Facebook Live can help build trust and credibility with your brand. However, avoid controversial topics and make sure you have your facts checked beforehand!


5) Live Stream Events

Does your company host or attend conferences or events? Chances are, you have plenty of followers who want to attend the event but can’t. Live-streaming the event is a great way to give them access and engage!You can live-streaming pieces of the keynote speakers, sessions, event hall and other aspects of the event.  



6) Share Tips

For quick daily updates, share tips and helpful hints with followers via Facebook Live. Quick tips can become a popular social media feature for you if you are consistent and fill them with useful information. For instance, if you are an HVAC company, share tips on saving on heating cost during the winter or a health food store could share a daily tip on detoxing! Get creative, relate to your industry and make it useful.


When it comes to engagement and sharing, videos win hands-down. Facebook Live is an amazing resource that connects your customers to your business through video. This is the perfect opportunity for your audience to get to know you and gain a better understanding of what your business is all about. The best part is that any size business, large or small, can use Facebook Live for marketing purposes.


You must get out there, be consistent, be creative, and try new things. Not sure how to implement Facebook Live into your marketing strategy? Contact us today and we can help you.


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Alex is the Social Media Marketing Specialist for Custom Marketing Solutions. She currently is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fragrant Elegance Soy Candle Company, along with her husband. Her experience in marketing comes from handling social media campaigns and marketing for her own business. Alex has years of first hand knowledge on how to help local businesses succeed with marketing due to running Fragrant Elegance. Alex’s desire is to encourage, inspire and change lives everyday. In her free time, she enjoys breakfast with her husband, is a health enthusiast, and an animal lover.

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