5 Ways to Increase Engagement on your Facebook Business Page

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team building (3) If you manage a Facebook Business Page, it may feel like it is impossible to get your audience to engage with your posts, or even reach your audience at times! It can be frustrating. But don’t worry, it is not you – it’s Facebook.

Due to algorithm changes on Facebook, Business Page posts are getting less real estate and reach in the feeds. This may seem unfair, but there is reasoning behind the changes. Facebook is a “discovery platform”, meaning they want their users to discover content that they will enjoy and interact with, and ultimately keep them coming back for more. 

So while there is no sure way to make sure you can ‘beat the algorithm’, there are ways that you can play along! Here are 5 ways to make your posts stand out in the news feeds and gain some extra attention:

1) Polls

A great way to expand your reach and get your users to engage is to launch a poll. Polls can be set up right on Facebook within seconds and are meant so that businesses can ask their followers  to select answers in the poll. This is a quick way for customers to interact with your brand and give feedback.  A poll could be set up to vote for a new company slogan, what charity your office should partner with,  to vote for an employee of the month and so much more! Overall it is a great way to get feedback and interact with your audience.


2) Contest

Contests are always a great way to get your audience and followers involved and give back at the same time. If you position your contest correctly, you will get extra reach by having users share or comment on your posts as part of the guidelines. The prizes and giveaways don’t have to break the bank. Even using gift cards or small prizes is okay when you strategy into planning the contest and making it relevant. There are some legal guidelines to follow when setting up contests, so this is something to be considered, but when contests are done right on social media they yield huge results and reach.


3)  Community Involvement

A great way to expand your reach on social is to include things that are happening in the local community. You can take it beyond just posting about other happenings in the area and partner up with nonprofits, fundraisers or other local causes that your audience would care about or be involved with. This shows your audience you are involved and gives them a chance to become involved with you, both on social media and offline!

4) Relevant Events

Setting up events on Facebook is a great way to reach new people and your current followers, as long as the event is something your followers can actually get behind.  Events can range depending on the business type, but keep in mind events don’t have to be a physical event. For instance, it could be a month long event where your practice is doing a special on teeth whitening or raising funds for a fundraiser. Events get extra attention in the Facebook feed at this time.


5 Using your Voice

People don’t go on social media to interact with robots; they go on social media to be social with other humans. While your business page represents your business, don’t forget to add a human element and ‘voice to your posts’. This may seem like a no-brainer to be personable, but often when we post as a business, we focus too much on being ‘formal’ or posting content straight from our brochures and website. Without even noticing, we default to posting like a business brochure, and not adding in a human element to the posting. Add in some voice, humor, or open ended questions. Make it a conversation and not an advertisement.


Summing it Up

There are no guarantees with organic posting and sometimes, to get the ball rolling, a small paid budget is key. However, the above tips are some of the strategies we use for our clients. With proper planning and an overall strategy for your campaigns and posting, there is a great chance you will gain higher interaction with your followers and reach new audiences.


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