5 Reasons To Host A Holiday Sale or Promotion

5 Reasons To Host A Holiday Sale or Promotion

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5 Reasons You Need to Have a Holiday Sale

From holiday shopping to  preparing for parties and wrapping gifts, the holidays are a crazy time for everyone- especially business owners. BUT that doesn’t give anyone the excuse to put their business on the back burner. In fact, it is time for your business to ramp things up with a holiday sale.


 So, why should you host a holiday sale or promotion?  Here are 5 top reasons:


Increase your sales and promotions for this season to help hit those big revenue goals before the end of the year. You may be discounting your products or services at this time of the year, but don’t forget that during the holidays, consumers will spend more. This year the average American shopper plans to spend just over $900 for gifts.

Grab a piece of the pie by setting up sales competitively.  You will attract more buyers in the long run who are in the spirit for spending!



Use this as an opportunity to offer perks to select members of your audience, such as early access, special VIP deals and loyalty programs.  Take for example the Amazon Prime membership program.  Those who have a Prime membership are granted exclusive access to sales, offers and early purchasing  on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  By simply offering a 30 minute exclusive buying window as a customer loyalty  perk,  Amazon has enough market share to deem them a ‘disrupter’ during the holiday sales season  (Forbes, 2016).

Give your best customers the chance to spend with you before they go else where.



A well-executed sale or promotion gets people’s attention and gets people talking about your brand.  Many local businesses do not have the budget to do traditional advertising on television or radio, but digital and social media make it easier to increase exposure.  According to emarketer.com, social media marketing and posts will influence the  average digital shopper’s behavior.

So promote like crazy on email and social media.  If it is an email, it is easy for that to be forwarded on. If it is on Social Media, consumers can easily share or tag their contacts.



You can sell “non-traditional” gift products and services during the holiday season.  For example, maybe your spa does not normally offer a ‘Mommy & Me’ package during the year but you always wanted to test it out. Now is the time to test new things for your business while consumers are spending more freely.



Think the holiday sales don’t apply to your business?  Think again and find a way to make it related. If you offer a service and there is not a gift that can be wrapped, think outside the box… literally! For example, if you are a personal trainer, offer specials on gift certificates. Or maybe your business sells fireplaces or provides home remodeling- target homeowners and encourage them to give a gift to themselves this holiday!


When executed properly holiday sales  will turn your prospects into BUYERS and boost your revenue at this time of the year and after. Other perks may include increasing your social media followers, growing your email list and creating a bigger customer base year round. 

Maybe you need a little assistance with running your holiday marketing successfully? Hey we don’t blame you, it is a busy time of year!

In that case, contact us for a FREE 30 minute consultation. Let’s see how we can help you this Holiday season.



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