3 Tips For Success After Your Marketing Event

3 Tips For Success After Your Marketing Event

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Follow Up You have gone and aced your marketing event, now what? Don’t forget to follow up!



If you read my “Tips to Help You Ace Your Marketing Event” blog post, you were given tips to make the most of your time and your marketing efforts. Following up after an event is crucial, here are 3 tips:


1)  Organize your new contacts quickly. It is so important to go through all of your business cards while the event is still fresh in your mind.  Separate the cards and prioritize the important contacts that you should reach out to immediately and put aside the less urgent contacts.  It is so critical to reach out to those you had special conversations or connections with that day.  Try to set up a follow up meeting or call.

2) Follow up. Once your business cards are organized – and you have specific notes about conversations or people you met and why they would be a good prospect, you can then develop your follow up email and make it personalized.  Try to set up a follow up meeting or call, and be sure to include a call to action in the email.

3) Setup Ongoing Follow Up Campaigns. Have a specific and customized plan for ongoing nurturing and connecting with your prospects. This series of touch points follows after your initial follow up email or call.  Don’t just dump all your contacts into a marketing database or sign them up for your monthly newsletter.  Point leads into an email tracking system tailored for their specific product interest.  Have a system in place and follow through.


Pulling off a successful trade show involves a great deal of planning and effort.  Trade shows and events can be  risky marketing ventures because of the expenses incurred and because of the one shot deal nature.  Events pass quickly and there is a short window of opportunity to make the most of your presence and time involved.  It is  important to do enough homework prior to the event to ensure the most successful outcome, as well as have a proper follow up strategy afterwards.


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